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Buying, Selling, Downsizing, Upscaling

Couple moving house Sydney

If you are buying and selling a property, working full time, and managing a family, we can help!

We will take this on with care and precision, making sure you have less to deal with and more time for the primary focus of this life changing event.

With senior property management experience, we manage your move with care and expertise. Whether you’re selling in the Eastern Suburbs and moving to the Northern beaches… (it’s the thing to do!) or downsizing from your family home in St. Ives to a lovely apartment by the sea, we will run around so that you don’t have to!

Standard Service

  • Find the most reliable and trusted packers and removalists in the area
  • Oversee the move
  • We can assist in arranging the redirection of your post and provide information on utilities*
  • Organise the cleaning process for both properties
  • Arrange rubbish removal including disposal of your moving boxes

Comprehensive Service

Everything from our standard service as well as:
  • Research the best companies for packing & unpacking your precious belongings and oversee all stages
  • Pack and move smaller, precious items, or items of sentimental value in our car so they don’t have to go with the removalists
  • If moving to a high-rise apartment, liaise with the building management or the strata to organise use and appropriate coverage of the lift
  • Liaise with tradesmen, carpet cleaners, pool cleaners, or your real estate agent, for entry to either premises should you need maintenance or other services carried out while you are at work or otherwise
  • Measure certain items to coordinate pre-arrangement of furniture at destination and measure large items and doorways to liaise with movers for best exit/entry points
  • Source parking stickers from the local council

Premium Service

Everything from our standard and comprehensive services as well as:
  • List your unwanted items on eBay/Social Media or take them to a charity shop. We can also help you with the decision process! Or, we can help organise and coordinate a garage sale if that’s your jam
  • As part of our Premium Service, your PA will ensure that all items are meticulously placed back into the same drawers they were in before the furniture was moved to your new house
  • We'll ensure the well-being of your pets, including making arrangements for temporary accommodations if needed during the transition
  • Research local restaurants, medical centres, kids’ activities, supermarkets, and Facebook groups
  • Arrange a handyman to hang art, mirrors, & photographs once you’ve decided where things will go. We can also be a part of that styling process if required
  • Organise & arrange flowers for the main room(s)
  • Collaborate with you on room styling, including sourcing and organising new pieces
  • Water your plants
  • Make your beds
  • Stock your fridge. (Better get that wine chilled)!
  • We will keep you updated regularly with everything that is going on & remind you of your appointments with your real estate agent/lawyer/building inspector, etc.
  • Our Premium service offers unlimited support and can accommodate additional tasks as per your specific requests and needs.


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